Aurora Knight Riders celebrate 10th anniversary

first_imgBy Elroy StephneyAURORA Knight Riders Cricket Club, of South Essequibo, recently celebrated its 10th anniversary since their formation on March 12th, 2010.The increasingly popular club has since grown in stature following stellar performances on the field, as well as championing the cause for community development across the Region. The club is the current South/Central T20 Champions. In an invited comment, president of the club, Reshad Ally, expressed gratitude to the many supporters who have stood the test of time to build a formidable force.He further stated “it is the carefully crafted policies and programmes that have attracted several young people who are so eager to be associated with the organisation”.The club, during its still young existence, has already built a strong reputation and legacy in the execution of a number of pilot projects, including the erection of a billboard to identify the village of Aurora, the rehabilitation of the Aurora Primary School’s bus-shed, the re-painting of pedestrian crossings, distribution of lunches to senior citizens,distribution of hampers on Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day, hampers for new-born children on Christmas Day, as well as the donation of pillars to the maternity ward of the Suddie Public Hospital. The club also holds its annual Christmas dinner and Awards ceremony.The president has since expressed gratitude and thanks to the many corporate sponsors whose collective contribution has positively impacted on the success of the club.Among them are Awaaz Ali, Timur’s Speedboat Service, Jojo Mechanical Work-Shop, Safe-Way Supermarket, Gold is Gold Hotel and Restaurant and Wazeer Hussain Rice Milling Complex. The club’s motto is ‘Aiming for success through fair play and discipline’. Former national youth players, Norman and Norwayne Fredericks, are among a group of talented cricketers gracing the club, which has become one of the most organised and dynamic institution in Region 2.last_img read more

Let food be medicine for sickness

first_imgTrees highlighted with multicolored red and orange leaves, fields filled with luscious red apples and pumpkins with intricate carvings. The quintessential images of fall resurrect themselves today, the first day of the new season. Although today may not seem different from any other sunny Los Angeles day — it’s incredibly hot and the chances of seeing leaves fall is unlikely anyways — the student body has collectively embraced fall by quite literally “falling” ourselves, in health and wellness. What I’ve found, though, is that a plant-based diet supports a healthy immune system.The cold bug is rapidly spreading. While the spread of sickness needs to be treated, students’ shared colds can be advantageous to one, in some cases at least. Say you’re in a library and bitterly realize you left your headphones at home. Don’t you worry — your study playlist on Spotify will be copiously replaced by the plethora of sniffles and sneezes coming from the sickly students around you. When you have snifflers surrounding you on all sides, who needs headphones! And I mean come on, if you don’t have a cold yet are you even stressing about school enough? Diminishing your health can serve as a social aid. Don’t know what to talk about? Start the conversation zealously complaining about your cold and everyone will join in! So, why is there a trend in weakened immune systems? Well, I don’t know, maybe because we attend a University with intrinsically motivated students who devote their waking and sleeping hours to academia, applying for internships and saving the world (in one way or another). But particularly during this fifth week of the semester, the stress caused by midterms and the overall buildup of courses hasn’t boded well with overly involved overachievers. An easy way out of the cold-rut could involve prioritizing sleep over everything and failing your midterms. I propose a solution of moderation. While prioritizing sleep is one of the important components of regaining back your vitality, what you consume need not be neglected. Now, I am no nutritionist, but speaking from personal experience and hours upon hours of research, following a plant-based diet will help you bounce back in record time. Here are the cold quelling foods necessary for health restoration: Fruits and Veggies — Hello Vitamin C!Pretty much all fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C, an essential antioxidant for boosting immunity. Fruits and vegetables with high amounts of vitamin C like oranges, mangoes, grapefruit and brussel sprouts. A cup of chopped red bell peppers surprisingly contains “nearly three times more vitamin C than an orange — 190 mg” according to Green bell peppers contain a little less vitamin C, but a cup still delivers 200 percent of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C. If you’re on a meal plan, you’re in luck, because the salad bars are always stacked with a multitude of fruits and vegetables. On campus, go produce crazy at the weekly Farmers Market, purchase fresh fruit at Seeds, try vegan friendly salads at Lemonade or the palatable kale salad (usually contains red peppers!) at the Dean’s List Cafe. Off campus, Ralph’s conveniently offers relatively affordable produce. Liquids — Stay Hydrated!Emptying your body of toxins is easy when you’re sipping on juices, smoothies, tea, citrus juices, soups, boba, fruit-infused water,  water and warm lemon juice. While you may rely on coffee to caffeinate, it’s best to avoid this dehydrating drink. You’ll need all the rest you can get, anyways, and that won’t be easy to accomplish when you attempt to sleep with your eyes open. Nekter Juice Bar and the food trucks Amazebowls and Nature’s Brew offer refreshing juices, smoothies, and acai bowls (save for Nature’s Brew). Opt in for kale if this leafy green isn’t already in your drink. Packed with 80.4 mg of vitamin C, twice your recommended daily intake of vitamin A, and seven times the recommended amount of vitamin K, in just one cup kale is sure to save you from your sniffles. Stop by any coffee shop — Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Ground Zero to name a few for green tea (packed with antioxidants), or any other hot, dairy-free drink! Also, The Dean’s List Cafe offers a refreshing thai tea made vegan when ordered with almond or soy milk. Anything Spicy — Break A Sweat!My refrigerator is always loaded with kimchee, spicy chili sauce, red pepper paste, and daikon. Growing up in a semi-Korean household, I learned to relish the uncomfortable experience that comes from sweating from ridiculously spicy food that tantalizes your throat. There are tons of spicy foods available on and off campus at places like Gogi Korean Grill — add spicy cucumber and hot sauce to your order — Chipotle — an animal friendly bowl/burrito topped with pico de gallo and salsa — and Seeds — packaged cucumber avocado rolls with ginger and wasabi. Garlic, onion, jalapeno peppers, ginger are great garnishes for any dish. Sriracha, tapatio and any other hot sauce, and spices, such as coriander and cumin, can easily be implemented into your meal. You can top pretty much anything with sriracha and luckily, the dining halls provide this staple sauce. With adequate sleep and nutrition, getting better should be a breeze. You won’t even need to rely on OTC pills, which tend to have negative side effects and may have been tested on animals. Remember that it’s okay to take a break from your responsibilities, and enjoy indulging in what makes you happy. Take a few to meditate, socialize, read a book, listen to music (or sniffles), practice a sport, art form or whatever it is that you’re passionate about!And who knows, maybe after you conquer your cold, you’ll realize that it isn’t so hard to maintain a plant-based diet. Tessa Nesis is a sophomore majoring in NGOs and social change.  Her column, “The Sentient Bean,” runs on Thursdays.last_img read more

DraftKings Week 4 Sunday Showdown: Picks, advice for Vikings-Bears NFL DFS

first_imgIn the late-afternoon window on Sunday of Week 4, we get quite the defensive duel when the Vikings travel to Chicago to take on the Bears. It’s a fascinating matchup for those creating DraftKings Showdown lineups. On one side you have Minnesota RB Dalvin Cook, who can’t stop running for 100 yards in every game, and on the other, you’ve got the ferocious Bears defense. Minnesota’s defense has been good, too, and it gets to go after Mitchell Trubisky, who hadn’t been good until the first half of last week’s Monday Night Football game. How should NFL DFS single-game players approach things?Matters are more complicated for the Bears by the potential absence of MNF hero Taylor Gabriel. He caught three TDs in the first half, a career day in every respect for the dimunitive receiver that Chicago calls ‘Turbo.’ But he’s in concussion protocol and might not be ready. With all that in mind, we had to decide which way to lean, and in the end, we went for the Bears as the home team with the talented defense. WEEK 4 NON-PPR RANKINGS:Quarterback | Running back | Wide receiver | Tight end | D/ST | KickerThe biggest shift from past Showdown lineups comes in how cheap a captain we go with. We’ll try to take advantage of Gabriel’s potential absence with second-year WR Anthony Miller. At the 1.5x points the captain slot gets us, even a decent game by Miller will more than return value out of that slot while giving us tons of freedom in our other five lineup spots. WEEK 4 DFS LINEUPS:DK cash | DK GPP | FD cash | FD GPP | Y! cash | Y! GPPDraftKings Showdown Picks: Vikings vs. BearsCAPTAIN (1.5x points, 1.5x price): WR Anthony Miller, Bears ($3,600)Miller’s price is dirt cheap, and he’s looking at an increased role with Taylor Gabriel racing against time to clear concussion protocol in time. (Update: Gabriel has been ruled out.) I don’t feel terrible about Miller even if Gabriel plays, but it looks like that won’t happen. As the No. 2 receiver with Allen Robinson getting hounded by Xavier Rhodes, this could be the perfect game for Miller to break out.FLEX RB David Montgomery, Bears ($8,200)It feels like I keep writing Showdown lineups and including Montomgery. His price is still solid, and he keeps getting the most work in the Chicago backfield. He should get a few catches and double-digit carries, so he’ll have a shot at returning value. FLEX RB Dalvin Cook, Vikings ($11,600)There’s an argument to be made against Cook in this matchup. But after going with a cheap captain, the prices don’t break down well enough on this slate to avoid him. Cook has topped 100 rushing yards in every game, so even if that declines to 80 and a score against a tough defense, we’ll take that. FLEX WR Adam Thielen, Vikings ($10,400)Stefon Diggs isn’t involved enough in what’s become a run-heavy offense to warrant consideration over Thielen. The Vikings’ top wideout even got a rushing touchdown last week. That probably won’t happen again, but he should lead Minnesota in targets and have a great floor-ceiling combination. FLEX QB Mitchell Trubisky, Bears ($9,400) We gotta take a quarterback on this slate, and can’t use Kirk Cousins against the Bears defense. That leaves us with Trubisky coming off his three-TD first half on Monday Night Football, so hopefully he links up with Miller a bunch.FLEX D/ST Chicago Bears ($5,600)Using the Vikings two best offensive players and then the defense facing them feels a bit weird, but this is more of a turnover bet. The Bears should turn Minnesota over multiple times while also racking up some sacks. That won’t preclude Cook and Thielen from having good games, though.last_img read more

‘Call of Duty’ grants top teenage gamers a spot at an adult table worth millions

first_img. @Slacked— Mack (@MackMelts) May 23, 2020Once events are back you’ll see— Mack (@MackMelts) May 23, 2020The Subliners are set to play in the London Home Series this weekend with their confidence peaking. Their teenage signing, new to the pro landscape but not intimidated by it, is one of the main reasons they are up to fifth place in the division.Longevity is not promised in the gaming industry. As new crops of players continue to push forward the level of play, it can be difficult to remain on top. Just because Kelley is one of the hottest emerging players in pro “Call of Duty” action right now doesn’t mean he’ll be in a starting lineup in five years.But if he does stick in the Call of Duty League (or similar competitions), he wants to use his success to provide for those back home by buying his mother a house. It’s the kind of adult stake his generation’s top Esports competitors gun for. Kelley is a teenager in a role potentially worth millions — yes, millions — grappling with the realities of adult life at a time when his high school peers are either finding entry level jobs or heading to college. He represents an elevated persona those with similar interests even 15 years ago could never dream of attaining.MORE: Easter egg in “COD: Modern Warfare” lets you summon exploding ratsThe title-winning team of the Call of Duty League gets a $2 million prize; there are also substantial payouts for other top-end finishers and incentives for regular-season tournament victories, not to mention individual salaries. Potential sponsorships and streaming income run up the possible annual earnings much further.”In the beginning of me trying to compete (my family) was a little skeptical just because, you know, I’m playing video games all day and not really doing anything,” Kelley told Sporting News. “But once they saw a little bit of money come in, they were a little bit more understanding. Once I got this offer to come to New York and move away from home, they were definitely worried because, you know, I’m 18 and that’s a very, very different experience. But, yeah, they’ve become very supportive and happy for me.”Kelley earned a call from the Subliners because of his play in the Call of Duty League’s developmental circuit. New York has trended upward since he joined and broke through with its first weekend event triumph of the season last Sunday.Kelley shook off questions about handling the darker side of the online experience as an 18-year-old. He said he ignored the barrage messages from trolls eager to pick apart his flaws and undercut his early success. He credited older teammates for helping him keep composed.With a keyboard in front of him rather than a reporter’s microphone, though, he hasn’t been afraid to be bold.After Kelley helped the Subliners beat the Seattle Surge in May, he called out Surge captain Josiah “Slacked” Berry on Twitter by posting a gif of Scottie Pippen dunking on Patrick Ewing. Berry is five years older than him. He didn’t back down when an Optic Gaming rival tried to put him in his place by claiming Kelley only won because the contest was online rather than in-person (as events were pre-pandemic).”You’ll see,” Kelley wrote. Makenzie “Mack” Kelley is mastering a craft that bewilders many people older than him, such as his own mother, Kathleen.The 18-year-old Call of Duty League competitor, who signed his first pro contract earlier this year, was good enough on the video game sticks to move to New York to join the New York Subliners roster, where he’s already considered one of his club’s top players. He spends at least six hours a day melting opponents with virtual weaponry. His platform is bigger than most basketball, football and baseball players his age, and his name recognition within the gaming community should grow at an exponential rate in the coming years.last_img read more

Cheptegei has what it takes to be World Athletics Champion

first_img18853Hiskel TEWELDEERI28:26.5027:30.50 7845Bayron PIEDRAECU29:03.9327:32.59 10749Mohammed AHMEDCAN27:30.0027:30.00 221130Geoffrey Kipsang KAMWORORKEN27:35.926:52.65 20954Mohamed FARAHGBR27:12.0926:46.57 Cheptegei has run few races since the world cross country championships debacle in March, but in each of them, he has shown he is fully recovered to take on the world’s best.Cheptegei finished third in the 5000m last month at the IAAF Diamond League meeting in Lausanne, in an impressive personal best time of 12:59.83 to qualify for the 5000m Diamond League final in Zurich on August 24.A month earlier, Cheptegei showed he is back on form with a 4th place, this time in the 3000m at the Paris Diamond Athletics League.Britain’s Mo Farah (R) shakes hands with Uganda’s Joshua Kiprui Cheptegei after they competed in the Men’s 5000m Round 1 during the athletics event at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro on August 17, 2016.  AFP PHOTOWho is Cheptegei?Since Cheptegei joined university in August 2013 he started training seriously. He competed in national races and eventually represented his university at the World University Cross Country Championships where he took the gold medal. Joshua made his international debut at the TCS World 10k in Bangalore where he surprisingly took the second place behind World Half Marathon Champion Geoffrey Kamworor.As the fastest athlete in the field, Joshua traveled to Eugene for the 2014 World Junior Championships. He lived up to the expectations and won the golden 10.000m medal for Uganda.As a strong 10.000m athlete, Joshua wanted to break the Ugandan National Record over 10k in 2015. He chose the fast 10k course of Berlin to give it a try. After a slow start of the race, he pushed the pace in the second part of the race. He secured the win and set a new national record of 27:50!After some time training in Kenya, Joshua went back to Uganda to train in Kapchorwa. He had a great start of 2016 by winning the Laredo 10k in a new national record of 27:46. Followed by a victory in the Carslbad 5k. He then moved his focus to the track for the rest of the year. Shanghai Diamond League 5000m was his first track race of the season. He took second in a new personal best of 13:00.60.Cheptegei represented Uganda in the 10,000m and the 5000m at the Rio Olympics in 2016. He ran a strong 10,000m race and finished as number six in a new personal best of 27:10.06. One week later he finished 8th in the 5000m final.*additional reporting by globalsportscommunicationLONDON 2017 10,000m start list 231356Joshua Kiprui CHEPTEGEIUGA27:10.06 6685Onesphore NZIKWINKUNDABDI ORDER / LANEBIBATHLETECOUNTRYSB 2017PB 211359Moses Martin KURONGUGA27:22.3327:22.33 31341Polat Kemboi ARIKANTUR27:42.5527:35.50 171425Hassan MEADUSA27:34.3827:33.04 11898Abadi HADISETH27:08.2626:57.88 51148Paul Kipngetich TANUIKEN27:42.626:49.41 FILE PHOTO: Favourites today, Cheptegei, Mo Farah and Kamworwor.Friday1,500m heats – 9.40 pm (Esther Chebet)10,000m final – 11.20pm (Cheptegei, Toroitich, Kurong)Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT |  Uganda’s Joshua Cheptegei has all it takes to be crowned a World Athletics champion.At 20, he’s already tested glory as world junior champion, has one of the world’s top fastest times in the 5,000m and 10,000m, and has had three years – with the right mixture of highs and lows – to prepare himself.Despite his credentials, Cheptegei will walk onto the London track at 11pm Friday as a Dark Horse candidate.All eyes will be on Britain’s Mohamed Farah, and for a good reason. The Briton has already won world doubles (10,000m and 5000m) in 2013 and 2015 and Olympic doubles in 2012 and 2016.Mo has toyed with his challengers in each of those past events, destroying them in the last of the 25 lap event. This is his final World Champs and all indications he could do it one last time.Next in rank is World cross-country champion and world silver medallist Geoffrey Kamworor from Kenya, and if you add in the Ethiopians,  expect one of the fastest 10,000m times ever at the London World Athletics championships Friday night.Mo has picked himself from the floor more than once to keep his doubles reign going so far, but tonight, any error will be punished, either by the Kenyan and Ethiopians, or the Ugandans.Talking team tactics, Tim Toroitich and Martin Kurong will provide sufficient pace to back Cheptegei – and when opportunity comes, go for it themselves.In steps Cheptegei with 3 reasonsCheptegei will have three reasons to go for it tonight.First, he will wish to put to rest the ghosts of the World Cross-Country Championships in Kampala, when he led the men’s race until the final lap and collapsed to end in 30th position.He misjudged his pace, the experts say, but it showed he will be comfortable with a furious pace at the start of the 10,000m in London. The final lap, again, will be telling.Secondly, in the absence of Stephen Kiprotich, he carries the burden as Uganda’s main medal hope in London, venue of his senior’s greatest triumph – Gold in the 2012 Olympics.Thirdly, other than Dorcus Inzikuru (Chile 2000 U-20 5000m gold & Helsinki 2005 3000mSC gold) , Uganda’s stars at world junior level have struggled to step up into the senior events. The likes of Boniface Kiprop struggled to match their junior performance at senior level. 131222Zane ROBERTSONNZL27:33.67 121363Timothy TOROITICHUGA28:02.2327:31.07 RELATED 141417Leonard Essau KORIRUSA27:29.40 91277Stephen MOKOKARSA29:28.7427:40.73 16849Nguse AMLOSOMERI28:08.5827:28.10 19655Patrick TIERNANAUS27:29.8127:29.81 4908Jemal YIMERETH27:09.0827:09.08 81416Shadrack KIPCHIRCHIRUSA27:32.1827:32.18 1735Abraham Naibei CHEROBENBRN27:38.7627:31.86 15852Aron KIFLEERI29:11.4227:26.20 24894Andamlak BELIHUETH27:20.5727:20.57 21142Bedan Karoki MUCHIRIKEN27:40.326:52.36 Share on: WhatsApplast_img read more

Providence Community Talk to Address Substance Abuse, Other Addictions

first_imgLight refreshments will be served. Formal presentation will begin at 5:30 p.m. Plenty of time will be available for questions and answers. Registration is requested (floor planning purposes) but not required at or by calling 360-827-8656.For more information, contact the Center at 360-493-5084.Providence St. Peter Chemical Dependency Center has been a leading treatment provider since 1986.  The center functions as a department of Providence St. Peter Hospital under the direction of our medical director, board certified in addiction and psychiatry. The staff of certified chemical dependency professionals is committed to helping individuals whose lives have been affected by the harmful use of alcohol and other drugs. We offer services to diagnose and treat substance use disorders and provide ongoing support throughout the recovery process.  We have programs for adults and adolescents, as well as services for problem gambling and tobacco cessation.  Our philosophy is based on the principle that each person’s needs are unique; services must be designed in a way that will support that person and sustain his or her recovery. Our treatment model incorporates the nationally recognized American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) patient placement criteria.  We encourage family involvement and use evidence-based curriculum that includes various components, ranging from education and physical wellness, to vocational goals. Facebook31Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Providence Health & ServicesAre you struggling with substance abuse issues? Are you concerned about a friend or loved one?Join professionals from the Providence St. Peter Chemical Dependency Center, 4800 College St. SE in Lacey for a community talk to learn more about:Substance abuse and the brainWhy people become addictedWhich drugs are commonly abusedTreatment and recoveryOther addictions:TobaccoGamblinglast_img read more