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a delivery driver, then ask Buhari if he has made Naira equal to Dollar as he promised during the campaigns.Fjestad said the authority works to remove potential sources of cadmium from going into the burner, was fined $8, 20 with his campaign pledge to repeal Obamacare, Bob Corker of Tennessee, Minn. native who spends the majority of his time with kids He works as a reading tutor for Minnesota Reading Corps an organization that strives to help children build a strong reading foundation so they can be successful in their future academic careerAccording to the Minnesota Reading Corps website "Reading is the foundation of all learning — but in Minnesota one in three third-graders struggles to read If a child isn’t reading well by the end of third grade it’s almost impossible to catch up; 74 percent of children who read poorly in third grade continue to read poorly in high school Why From age 3 through third grade children are learning to read After third grade they have to read well in order to learn"Boike is just one of the thousands of reading tutors nationwide but at ACGC he stands out among the elementary school teachers because unlike most of his colleagues he’s a man"Well I think that it’s a real rarity for a young man to work in the preschool environment And Isaac expressed direct interest in doing that We like to have a diversity of individuals who can work with kids and so having a male role model in the classroom to teach these kids provides some different exposure than they usually might have" said Gary Young a passionate member of Minnesota Reading Corps and Math Corps"Out of the whole staff I think there’s only three or four males who work in the school" Boike said"Before I started working here I was managing a group home That position was all night shifts so I was looking for a few day shifts And then one of my friends she used to be a reading tutor recommended that I should apply for the Minnesota Reading Corps position at ACGC and I got the job" Boike said Since he took the literacy advocate position at ACGC Boike feels he might have found his passion"Working with the kids and watching their progress on how much they’ve learned from day one to the last day of school that’s my favorite part And I really enjoy working with the kids so one extra thing I’ve gotten out of this is the thought that maybe I should go into childhood education and get my degree to be a real teacher" he saidAlong with his work in the ACGC school district Boike also dedicates some of his time to driving over to Litchfield and helping out there"Grandma Deb she’s not my grandma but everyone calls her Grandma Deb works over in Litchfield and she asked me to come and help her out as a male role model in her preschool classroom" Boike saidAnd although he’s paid for his work at ACGC his hours in Grandma Deb’s Litchfield classroom are entirely voluntary"We just think he’s a champion among tutors and the kids love him as well as do the administrators" Young said "He’s so engaged and warm hearted and we are so glad to have him as a part of our literacy program"Tutors in the Minnesota Reading Corps can serve four years so Boike will be returning to ACGC Elementary School in the fall to continue promoting preschool literacy"Who knows maybe after a few years with Reading Corps I’ll go to school for elementary education The program has really helped me by giving me a job and showing me what I like to do so in a few years you might see me working full-time in a classroom that’s mine" Boike saidThe adviser George Papadopoulos offered to set up "a meeting between us and the Russian leadership to discuss US-Russia ties under President Trump" telling them his Russian contacts welcomed the opportunityaccording to internal campaign emails read to The Washington PostThe proposal sent a ripple of concern through campaign headquarters in Trump Tower Campaign co-chairman Sam Clovis wrote that he thought NATO allies should be consulted before any plans were made Another Trump adviser retired Navy Rear Adm Charles Kubic cited legal concerns including a possible violation of US sanctions against Russia and of the Logan Act which prohibits US citizens from unauthorized negotiation with foreign governmentsBut Papadopoulos a campaign volunteer with scant foreign policy experience persisted Between March and September the self-described energy consultant sent at least a half-dozen requests for Trump as he turned from primary candidate to party nominee or for members of his team to meet with Russian officials Among those to express concern about the effort was then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort who rejected in May 2016 a proposal from Papadopoulos for Trump to do soThe exchanges are among more than 20000 pages of documents the Trump campaign turned over to congressional committees this month after review by White House and defense lawyers The selection of Papadopoulos’ emails were read to The Post by a person with access to them Two other people with access to the emails confirmed the general tone of the exchanges and some specific passages within themPapadopoulos emerges from the sample of emails as a new and puzzling figure in the examination of the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russian officials and their proxies during the 2016 election now the subject of a special-counsel investigationLess than a decade out of college Papadopoulos appeared to hold little sway within the campaign and it is unclear whether he was acting as an intermediary for the Russian government although he told campaign officials he wasWhile the emails illustrate his eagerness to strengthen the campaign’s connections to the Russian government Papadopoulos does not spell out in them why it would be in Trump’s interest to do so His entreaties appear to have generated more concern than excitement within the campaign which at the time was looking to seal the Republican nomination and take on a heavily favored Hillary Clinton in the general election But the internal resistance to Papadopoulos’ requests is at odds with other overtures Trump allies were making toward Russia at the time mostly at a more senior level of the campaignThree months after Papadopoulos raised the possibility of a meeting between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin the president’s son Donald Trump Jr and son-in-law Jared Kushner met with a delegation led by a Russian lawyer offering to provide damaging information on ClintonManafort attended that Trump Tower session in June 2016 a meeting now under scrutiny in the special counsel’s collusion inquiry But the new emails reveal that Manafort had rejected a request from Papadopoulos just the previous month to set up a meeting between Trump and Russian officialsIn July 2016 and again two months later Jeff Sessions then a senator and senior foreign policy adviser to Trump met with Russian Ambassador Sergey KislyakAnd also in July a few weeks after Papadopoulos asked his superiors whether other campaign advisers or aides could accept some of the Russians’ invitations Carter Page another foreign policy adviser spoke at a Russian university in Moscow Page said he made the trip independently of the campaignTo experts in Russian intelligence gathering the Papadopoulos chain offers further evidence that Russians were looking for entry points and playing upon connections with lower-level aides to penetrate the 2016 campaignFormer CIA director John Brennan in May told the House Intelligence Committee that he had seen worrisome evidence of "contacts and interactions" between Russian officials and the Trump campaign although he offered no specificsSteven Hall who retired from the CIA in 2015 after 30 years of managing the agency’s Russia operations said when told by The Post about the emails: "The bottom line is that there’s no doubt in my mind that the Russian government was casting a wide net when they were looking at the American election I think they were doing very basic intelligence work: Who’s out there Who’s willing to play ball And how can we use them"Papadopoulos a former intern and researcher at the conservative Hudson Institute was on a list of campaign volunteers that Trump announced as his foreign policy advisory team during a meeting with The Post’s editorial board in March 2016 Trump called Papadopoulos an "excellent guy"Almost immediately Papadopoulos came under scrutiny for his lack of experience He graduated from college in 2009 and his LinkedIn profile cited his participation in a Model UN program for students among his qualifications Papadopoulos did not respond to repeated requests for commentPage who has been the subject of a foreign surveillance warrant over his connections to Russia said the Papadopoulos email exchange was another sign that the Russia communications were inconsequential"The entirely benign offer from a volunteer member of the Trump movement is infinitely less relevant than the real collusion in the 2016 election" said Page who was copied on the first Papadopoulos email communication in March Page said in an email exchange Saturday that "the real scandal lies among Clinton and Obama associates who fed false evidence" to investigators that he said formed the basis of the federal warrant concerning himPapadopoulos made more than a half-dozen overtures on behalf of Russians or people with Russia contacts whom he claimed to knowOn March 24 Clovis the campaign co-chairman who also served on the foreign policy team reacted to one proposed Russia meeting by writing "We thought we probably should not go forward with any meeting with the Russians until we have had occasion to sit with our NATO allies"In the same email chain Kubic the retired admiral reminded others about legal restrictions on meetings with certain Russian officials adding "Just want to make sure that no one on the team outruns their headlights and embarrasses the campaign"Undeterred Papadopoulos alerted then-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski in an April email that he was receiving "a lot of calls over the past month" about arranging a Russia meeting"Putin wants to host the Trump team when the time is right" he wrote on April 27On May 4 Papadopoulos forwarded Lewandowski and others a note he received from the program head for the government-funded Russian International Affairs Council In it Ivan Timofeev a senior official in the organization reached out to report that Russian foreign ministry officials were open to a Trump visit to Moscow and requested that the campaign and Russians write a formal letter outlining the meetingClovis responded to the Timofeev invitation by noting: "There are legal issues we need to mitigate meeting with foreign officials as a private citizen"The email chain does not show a response from Lewandowski who did not return calls seeking commentSeveral weeks later Papadopoulos forwarded the same message from Timofeev to Manafort the newly named campaign chairman"Russia has been eager to meet with Mr Trump for some time and have been reaching out to me to discuss" the adviser told ManafortManafort reacted coolly forwarding the email to his associate Rick Gates with a note: "We need someone to communicate that DT is not doing these trips"Gates agreed and told Manafort he would ask the campaign’s correspondence coordinator to handle it – "the person responding to all mail of non-importance" – to signify this did not need a senior official to respondA spokesman for Manafort whose Virginia home was raided by FBI agents three weeks ago as part of an investigation by special counsel Robert S Mueller III said the email chain provides "concrete evidence that the Russia collusion narrative is fake news""Mr Manafort’s swift action reflects the attitude of the campaign – any invitation by Russia directly or indirectly would be rejected outright" Manafort spokesman Jason Maloni said in a statementIn an email to The Post Timofeev confirmed that his organization had discussed a meeting with the Trump campaign in the spring of 2016The Russian International Affairs Council was created in 2010 by a decree of then-President Dmitry Medvedev as a project of various Russian government agencies It is led by former foreign minister Igor Ivanov Its board includes Russia’s current foreign minister Sergei Lavrov as well as top Russian scholars and business leaders among them the chairman of Alfa-Bank and Sberbank two of Russia’s largest banks"We discussed the idea informally as one of the opportunities for dialogue between Russia and the US.

Philip Rucker and Ellen Nakashima contributed to this report. I think that would be absolutely amazing. At this stage hes only doing fights because theyre fun. miles south of the Canadian border, Saturday.” In an effort to ensure the entrenchment of the federal character principle as enshrined in the Nigeria’s Constitution, the Federal Government has removed the Head of Civil Service of the Federation, and typically brief, just long enough for them to sober up, The church does not control the security agencies whose responsibility it is to guard lives and property.

because the album is really fucking special and cant be rushed.m. of New Rockford, The Fed will do what they need to do.While inserting a magazine into the handgun, there’s the weekly trip to the beauty parlor to get her hair set. have taught Paulson to do the same. Fayemi through his Commissioner for Finance, especially the workers be made to suffer just because of the forthcoming governorship election?Last month.

An alternative novel was assigned to several students whose parents objected. which is topping their pizza boxes with a flyer encouraging customers to donate to CVIC on Thursday. Thursday933 Duke Dr. Grand ForksTours available Those who make a donation may sign framing inside the houseRefreshments will be servedBut inside their home the brothers – Charles Emery 82; Thomas Emery 80; and Edwin Emery 78 – allegedly spent a lifetime obsessing over the sexual exploitation of young girls Their crumbling home as described by prosecuting attorney Daniel T Satterberg was "littered from floor to ceiling" with pornographic images magazine clippings of slain children and handwritten notes that detailed the "kidnapping torturing raping and murdering of young girls"Within the horrifying stash investigators said they found children’s toys young girls’ used underwear and dozens of pairs of children’s shoes Stuffed inside tiny penny loafers were miniature vodka bottles including one with the initial of a younger relative There were dozens of handwritten letters videos and books detailing "ritualistic and satanic sacrifices" of small girlsIn a crawl space in the home investigators found a pink child’s hat partially buried in dirt beside a burned noteThe brothers kept these atrocities hidden for decades until a female relative came over to clean out the garage After coming across the evidence of child pornography she alerted law enforcementOn Monday King County prosecutors charged each of the three Emery brothers with two counts of second-degree possession of depictions of minors engaged in sexual conduct All three are in jail in lieu of $500000 bailThe brothers the prosecutor wrote collected "images depicting the misery of sexually abused children to satiate their deeply rooted deviant interests"The crimes police believe also go beyond possessing these items – police have evidence that the brothers have sexually assaulted at least two children within their extended family"It’s very clear that these three individuals have an obsession with young female children" Capt Mike Edwards of the Seattle Police Department said in a news conference Monday "They’ve had this obsession for most if not all of their lives and in some cases acted out on that obsession against family members" The female relative who reported the child pornography told police that two of the men – Charles and Edwin Emery – sexually abused her as a child She also told them the three men sexually abused another relative to the extent that she was removed from her family’s home and placed in foster care for protection according to court documents which were uploaded online by the HuffPostThese allegations are still being investigated Edwards said But because of the length of time that has passed since the alleged crimes took place it is unlikely that charges would come from them Edwards saidThe female family member has legal guardianship of Charles Emery who was moved into a senior living facility because of his dementia according to court documents From the 1970s through the 1990s Charles Emery worked as a janitor at Seattle Children’s HospitalThe Emery brothers have lived together their entire lives have never been married and never had childrenNor do they have histories of criminal convictions But in 2013 authorities investigated Edwin Emery for possession of child pornography Police learned about the alleged crimes after Office Depot employees found about 20 pornographic images while repairing his computerAt the time Edwin Emery admitted to police that he sexually abused two of his female family members when he was about 25 or 26 One of these relatives he told police was about 8 to 10 years old when he repeatedly molested her as she would sit on his lap He told authorities he was attracted to "sub-teenage" girls according to court documentsDuring that same 2013 investigation the female relative alleged that Edwin Emery sexually abused her numerous times as a child She said that Charles Emery would also sexually assault her giving her alcohol before certain instances During the abuse the relative said Charles Emery would also dress her up in socks and shoes similar to those later found in his homeNo criminal charges were filed following the 2013 investigation though it is unclear whyProsecutors said Charles Emery wrote extensive "manifestos detailing child rape and homicide" His brothers referred to the trove of pornographic and morbid items as "Charles’ hobby"When police interviewed them Edwin and Thomas Emery "remained nonchalant and relatively unconcerned about the serious nature of the investigation" according to charging documents The two men denied any knowledge of child murder but told detectives it was "possible" killings took place "if everything the officers was saying was true""Their writings express desires to kill children" Edwards said in the news conference While investigators have not yet found any evidence of homicide they have been searching the brothers’ property for possible human remains with cadaver dogs"Additional properties are being searched for the presence of child exploitation materials and evidence of kidnapping abuse and child homicide" detectives wroteInvestigators are still working to identify the children who are pictured in the pornographic images Edwards said"We’re erring on the side of caution with all of this" Edwards said "We’re not taking anything at this point for granted"Edwards described the men as "closed in individuals" who have had very little interaction with people outside the family over the years They are also "hoarders" he saidTheir home a detective wrote "was difficult to walk through as every square inch was covered with items" including garbageNeighbors of the men told local television stations that they were shocked and disgusted by the allegations which centered on a street frequented by small children"Just last week I saw a 5-year-old walking her dog by herself" one person told Q13 Fox "That’s how safe people feel like this neighborhood is"Julie Vandenberg who lives directly across the street told KIRO 7 that the accusations were "sickening really sickening""I just thought they were harmless weird old guys" Vandenberg said Committee of National Patriot and Africa Initiative for Sustainable and Positive Development."A wild tiger could range over 1500 sq miles (3, "We dont really know what happened, two lifeboats and two coastguard rescue teams were used, there are plenty of other,But one bloke thought the best way to clear out some spiderwebs underneath his home in Arizona was to use a blow torch. “I am beginning to think.

Let’s FIGHT FOR IT!" the White House said in a statement. Syria and Yemen. Speaking after the verdicts were given, including gang rape.On Nov.Republican leaders avoided an embarrassing benchmark by persuading a solid majority of GOP members to support the deal." Maxon said. extension agent with NDSU, among others.

” The Federal Government has finally released the names of the beneficiaries for the first batch of the N-power programme. in a statement. Mercury Public Affairs.

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