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(She was discovered by her label head Scott Borchetta after playing the Bluebird Cafe, Id been kicking around the idea of getting off of Facebook for awhile but would excuse the fact that I was still on it with exclamations like, screenwriter Tom Stoppard calls it "the end of the innocence of Spielberg. most of them have small populations) But 54% of disabled workers and their dependents live in such counties While these figures capture a large portion of Americans who benefit from federal disability aid the SSDI also benefits some disabled adult children as well as widows or widowers of workers A separate program exists to aid low-income families with disabilities to which the Trump budget also proposes cuts Experts say there are also many disabled people who neither apply for nor receive aid from either program Critics argue that the Trump administration’s proposal to slash SSDI breaks one of the president’s core campaign promises not to cut Social Security Administration officials have defended the move by explaining that SSDI is not a “core” part of Social Security SSDI is indeed a different program than the Social Security retirement benefit that most Americans think of when they hear the term SSDI which was established in 1956 predates Social Security by 18 years and draws from payroll contributions rather than a direct federal allocation of funds Both programs are administered by the Social Security Administration Trump’s budget would also reduce benefits through another smaller program known as Supplemental Security Income TIME’s analysis counted only those receiving SSDI Some families receive both SSDI and Supplemental Security Income SSDI became a political lightning rod in recent years as the number of recipients claiming disability shot up Between 1996 and 2015 the number of Americans on the SSDI roles jumped from 77 million to 13 million according to federal data The program now costs the government roughly $192 billion per year Republicans argue the uptick is an indication of either rampant fraud and abuse or an epidemic of over-dependence on the government It’s a narrative that has been backed by a recent spate of features not only in conservative media outlets but also mainstream venues like the Washington Post and National Public Radio Democrats meanwhile argue that the increase can be nearly entirely explained by demographic shifts over the last 30 years Take the Baby Boomers for example That enormous generation born between 1946 and 1964 all entered their 50s and 60s during the last two decades Since disability claims correlate closely with age it makes sense that an older workforce would rack up more injuries A 50-year-old is twice as likely to receive disability than a 40-year-old and a 60-year-old is twice as likely as a 50-year-old to do so according to a 2014 report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBBP) Another major demographic shift is the influx of women joining the workforce over the past 30 years That’s increased the number of people who are eligible for the program in the first place (You only qualify for SSDI if you’ve held a traditional job for a certain number of years so women who only worked out of the home weren’t eligible) From 1956 when SSDI was first established by law to 2015 the number of women in the traditional workforce and therefore eligible for SSDI increased 243% In addition the total US population has increased rapidly over the last few decades too Between 1980 and 2013 the number of “working age” Americans usually defined as people between 20 and 64 spiked 43% according to the CBPP report So while the raw number of Americans receiving disability benefits has increased steeply the percentage of Americans receiving such benefits has climbed much less sharply There also are other factors A 1983 law that gradually increased the retirement age from 65 to 66 put a bigger burden on SSDI roles since it delayed workers’ shift from that program to Social Security retirement benefits A 2014 white paper by the Congressional Research Service noted that while demographic changes account for much of the rise in SSDI enrollment over the past 20 years researchers don’t agree on a cause for the remaining increase Some blame “changes in opportunities for work and compensation” shifts in the SSDI program’s eligibility criteria or inconsistencies in how the program determined disabilities the report said Either way Trump’s proposal to cut the program presages a political showdown for his fledgling administration The budget may thrill Trump’s traditional conservative base which has long been committed to slashing federal benefits But it does so by slashing benefits to a disproportionate number of Americans who live in thecounties that pushed the president to power Contact us at [email protected] Vanessa DeLuca is the Editor in Chief of ESSENCE I am tired of sighing And crying And “why oh why-ing” to anyone who will listen We know why this decision in Ferguson happened The hurt is so deep and the pain has gone on for so long And so we mothers of Black sons wake up to another injustice hangover our heads heavy with the weight of absorbing too many messages that tell us SHOW us daily that our loved ones have no worth in the eyes of those who are supposed to protect us We understand the pain We understand the anger But we know that violence only reinforces what many already believe about us As a Black mother it frightens me that I have come to expect this verdict Because it means that I have allowed myself to give up the ability to feel hope when unarmed young Black men are murdered by police officers But like you I will not allow this hurt to destroy me And I will not allow it to erase the hope I still see in my son’s eyes Oppression is fueled by helplessness We can’t stay in that space None of us can afford to hibernate there So I will try to summon up the energy to fight back in ways that matter Because yesterday I was able to sit across the table from my son over lunch and spend some time bonding And this next fight has to be for the mothers who can no longer say that I hope you will join with me in fighting for legislation to protect our children’s rights This article originally appeared on Essencecom Should Ferguson Protestors be Person of the Year Vote below for #TIMEPOY Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors" Bush said in a July statement. East High School,” he wrote." he said. This does not only rob the country of potential revenues but would be harmful to the nation’s industries and economic plans.

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