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"We hit the switch that we’ve been trying to hit since the beginning of the playoffs.K. essentially requiring an abandonment of its nuclear program Given that NATO is fundamentally a nuclear alliance UK ministers have warned that Scotlands application could be vetoed if the SNP pursues its pledge to ban nuclear weapons on Scottish Des Browne former Secretary of State for Defense and Scotland says "a vote to leave the UK is a vote to leave Nato the most successful defense and security alliance in the world" Would David Cameron have to resign The Prime Minister has said he “emphatically” would not resign if Scotland decides to leave the UK Nonetheless he would certainly be under great pressure to do so from both his own party (who are technically still the “Conservative and Unionist party”) and the opposition Senior party members have suggested Cameron may face a parliamentary vote of no confidence in the wake of the referendum possibly just for allowing the referendum to take place Would there still be a UK general elections in May 2015 Would Scottish voters be able to take part There has been talk of delaying the general elections to prohibit Scottish voters from choosing the government of a union it intends to leave Postponing remains unlikely because bar one exception during World War II parliamentary terms in the UK are always fixed at a maximum of five years Scottish voters would still be able to participate but their representatives would serve only a 10-month term in office since Scottish MPs would have to leave Westminster on Independence Day in March 2016 How would that change the makeup of the UK Parliament The impact on future electoral outcomes without Scotland has been heavily discussed with suggestions of a hung parliament if Scottish MPs are excluded But an analysis of general-election results since the end of World War II shows that Scottish MPs have had a practical influence over the composition of the UK government on just three occasions Scottish MPs turned a Conservative government into a Labour one with a wafer-thin majority of four in 1964 and a majority of three in 1974 In 2010 Scotland prevented the Conservatives from winning by an outright majority compelling them to form a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats Of the current existing 59 Scottish seats the Conservatives have only one the Liberal Democrats have 11 and Labour have 41 While Scotland could be critical to Labours ability to win an overall majority in 2015 past results suggest that the election in 2015 really depends on support in the rest of the UK for Ed Milibands Labour campaign What currency would an independent Scotland use Although Salmond has insisted that Scotland would keep the pound sterling the three main Westminster parties (Conservative Labour and Liberal Democrats) have ruled out a currency union Other possibilities for Scotland include sterlingization (the use of the pound but outside a formal union which could diminish financial security) joining the euro or creating a new currency What would happen to the UK national debt How much would be transferred to Scotland This is yet to be decided It is likely to be calculated on a per capita basis according to population size What would happen to benefits and taxes Both benefits and taxes would become the responsibility of the new Scottish government The Scottish Parliament would ensure that the personal tax allowance and tax credits increase in line with inflation Tax would stay the same until a new government elected in 2016 chooses how to change it However wide variations in forecasts for the revenue of an independent Scotland make it difficult to calculate potential changes for the individual taxpayer The pro-union side has challenged the SNPs plan for the benefits system arguing that uncertainty is the inevitable outcome and that Scotland’s benefits would be more secure if it remained part of the UK What would happen to Scotlands businesses The oil revenues in the North Sea have always been considered essential to the economic viability of Scotland as an independent nation state The figures propounded by the Yes campaign about the quantity of oil and gas reserves (Salmond estimates 15 trillion or $25 trillion remain) have proved one of the most contentious points of the independence debates While Salmond has asserted oil would support the country "way beyond 2050" Sir Ian Wood a leading Scottish oil executive and industry expert asserts that Salmond is overestimating the remaining reserves by 45% to 60% BP the major oil company employing over 4000 people in the North Sea region released a statement Wednesday in support of Woods claims and urging Scotland to vote against independence Standard Life the pensions-and-insurance giant based in the Scottish capital Edinburgh has warned that it would move large parts of its business out of Scotland in order to protect its customers in the event of secession As a contingency plan Standard Life has started registering new English subsidiaries to which it could transfer parts of its business Neither the Royal Bank of Scotland nor Lloyds Banking Group have announced yet that they would move their main bases to London but companies would have 18 months until official independence to make any decisions Would Scottish citizens need new passports This largely depends on whether Scotland can join the EU Scottish citizens would be entitled to a Scottish passport but a UK passport would still be valid until it expires British citizens “habitually resident” in Scotland would be automatically considered Scottish citizens and qualify to apply for Scottish passports Would passports be needed to cross the England-Scotland border An independent Scotland would be responsible for its own borders but the Scottish government has signaled that it would not want to sign up to the Schengen free-travel area which covers much of western Europe As far as the rest of the UK is concerned Home Secretary Theresa May has warned that independence would lead to "profound changes for migration policy" Scotlands plan to pursue "healthy population growth" has been interpreted as implying a looser immigration policy The Conservatives who prefer a harder line on immigration have expressed concerns at the possibility of Scotland becoming "a convenient landing point for migration into the United Kingdom" From Westminsters point of view border controls and passport checks are a real possibility Would Scotland keep the Queen The Yes campaign has said that Her Majesty would remain as monarch since the referendum concerns the 1707 Union of the Nations as opposed to the 1603 Union of the Crowns Buckingham Palace insists that the Queen is politically neutral and that she will not be intervening in the independence debate In the short term Scotlands draft constitution would keep the Queen as Queen of Scotland but there could well be another referendum on the subject Write to Naina Bajekal at 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