July 29 2019 by Beth

first_img July 29, 2019 by Beth Here’s How You Can Make A Difference The Next Time You Visit This Iconic Mountain Town One of the very best parts of traveling to new destinations is the opportunity to appreciate the landscape. And yet, some forms of travel can actually harm the environment if people aren’t mindful of their impact. Fortunately, thanks to the organization called Pledge For The Wild, travelers can make a big difference at a low cost. Tan Yilmaz / Getty Images Pledge For The Wild, also known as Pledge Wild, is a group of beloved mountain towns in the west that are committed to preserving their natural landscapes. These collective efforts will not only increase conservation but the understanding that the natural habitat is in need of protection. Christian Heeb / Getty Images Pledge Wild encourages visitors to donate $1 per hour spent outside to the environmental nonprofit of their choosing. If you’re looking for ideas, the website lists a few organizations they love. Click here to learn more about this incredible campaign.Have you visited Bend, Oregon recently? We’d love to hear about your experience there! Jeffrey Murray / Getty Images The campaign encourages visitors to Bend, Oregon, as well as Bozeman, Montana; and South Lake Tahoe, California to donate just $1 per hour they spend outdoors. Posted in Travel News last_img

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