New Kingdom Hearts 3 footage shows familiar gameplay large scale combat

first_imgIf you’ve been eagerly awaiting more information about the next installment of Kingdom Hearts, Disney put together a little teaser from the D23 Expo in Japan that will hopefully keep you excited until we get some real information about the game.News that a new Kingdom Hearts was finally coming to consoles drove the hardcore fans of the franchise into a frenzy, but since that announcement there’s been no real information about the game itself. The guys at Square Enix have mastered the art of teasing with no expectation of delivery, but it looks like their last video was built specifically to make sure fans know that the game plans to stick as close to the original gameplay style as possible, despite how much time has passed.In the video you see Sora in the middle of several combat sequences. The first looks like an HD remake of the original as fas as the combat system goes. You see the soft focus targeting system with the combat menu on the left and the team layout on the right. The only people you see in your team during this video are Donald and Goofy, and there’s not a single pixel that leads you to believe dual wielding keyblades are making a comeback.The final scene takes you to a huge combat sequence with one of the Titans from Hercules, only instead of fighting the monster from the ground like you would in previous big boss fights you’ve taken to the sky for a more interactive combat sequence. It’s not clear if you’re the one driving the giant glowing train, but you are certainly fighting in a new environment.Despite there being no actual release date for Kingdom Hearts 3, many retailers have already opened up pre-orders for the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game. This game is expected to be the conclusion of the story arcs that were created in the first game, but is not expected to be the final game in the franchise. We’ve still got a long wait ahead of us, but at least it looks like this new Kingdom Hearts is headed in the right direction.last_img

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