The One Piece kabuki play is a perfect mashup

first_imgWhy, yes! One Piece fans would like a theatrical stage show featuring our favorite high seas adventures done in Kabuki style.In a mash-up that perhaps fans had never dreamed of, the One Piece kabuki play is getting its own theatrical release for fans who missed the live stage shows in Japan earlier this year. This will hit Japanese theaters on October 22, but man, we hope the gods that be over at Viz Media give this an English-language release eventually! Check out the madness in the official trailer just released this week below:Luckily for hardcore OP fans, it looks like this isn’t just another origin story reboot. The play takes chapters 51 through 60 of the manga, known as the “Paramount War Saga,” and adapts it for the stage. Our protagonist Luffy and his friends search for Luffy’s brother Ace aboard their fantastical pirate ship, with the added drama of a war brewing between the World Government and the Whitebeard Pirates.We’re just really glad that Luffy is still rocking the denim shorts despite being all kabuki-ed out.This play isn’t just a traditional kabuki adaptation, but instead, blends high-action theater effects with the more traditional nuances. We see the traditional kabuki makeup, posing, and manner of speaking in the trailer mixed with modern dramatic touches like snow and fog machines, aerial wire stunts, and colorful wigs galore for some of the cast.Boats! Fog! Drama! We have it all!We can also see our favorite OP stars dressed in their elaborate kabuki transformations. The makeup and costumes are as impressive as they are vibrant.Makeup and hair, hella on point.We… feel like Sanji didn’t get the memo that this was a kabuki play, though. Sanji’s just gonna be Sanji, I guess.We sure hope we see some cosplay of these awesome new costumes soon! Would you watch the One Piece Kabuki play? We sure as hell would.last_img

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