Geek deals 32 off Dell S2230MX 215inch Ultraslim 1080p LCD Monitor

first_imgMonitors these days run the gamut, from a washed-out, low-resolution bargain basement 17-inch relic to 30-inch beasts that cost more than your computer (or several computers for that matter). Having been on the user-side of some real pieces of…work, I can’t stress enough the importance of a quality display for anyone who spends a lot of time on their PC. That’s not to say that everyone needs a 30-inch WQHD display, but a quality display (or two) can make a huge difference in your work and play.This ultra-slim LCD from Dell has all the right specs at an even better price. It starts off with lots of pixels, serving up Full HD 1080p (1920×1080) resolution to ensure you have plenty of screen real estate to get your multi-tasking on. All those pixels are lit-up by an energy-efficient LED backlight, which also helps keep the profile down to a slim 2.34-inch thickness. You can hook up most any device to the S2230MX with its included VGA and DVI-D cables. An HDMI adapter is included for those newer computers and game consoles.While it may not matter much to your average office worker, the S2230MX is one of relatively few monitors that can boast an arsenic and mercury-free design. That combined with the LED backlight and power saving features earns this monitor “green” stamps of approval from Energy Star and EPEAT.The best thing about this deal, though, is its price. At only $149.99 shipped, the S2230MX is cheap enough to upgrade that dusty first-gen LCD on your desk, or even make the step to two (or three!) monitors. Once you go multi-monitor, you never go back!Visit LogicBuy for the Dell S2230MX 21.5-inch Ultra-Slim Monitor deallast_img

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