France taking aim at ISIS

Updated: The hunt for those responsible for Friday’s massacre in Paris continues, with authorities announcing they are looking for a second fugitive.French officials say an analysis of the attacks indicate one person directly involved is still unaccounted for, and has not been identified.Authorities believe Abdelhamid Abaaoud – once jailed in Belgium, and now believed to be in Syria – was behind the massacre.Officials now say one person directly involved the attacks in Paris is unaccounted for. So far seven attackers are known to be dead. Police are still looking for Salah Abdeslam, 26, and believe the French citizen is on the run somewhere in Belgium, and add they’re looking for a second fugitive.French police carried out another 120 raids overnight on suspected ISIS supporters, while warplanes launched more attacks on ISIS targets in Syria.President Francois Hollande is vowing to destroy ISIS, and has announced he will fly to Washington and Moscow next week to meet with Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin and discuss how they can work together to crush the Islamic State.Meanwhile Paris is still mourning the dead. 129 people were killed in what France calls an act of war. Friday’s attacks left 350 others hurt, including one Canadian.

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