Communication experts in high demand

first_imgOn my first day at business school our professor told us that the best managers were able to communicate using only their eyes. Today I realise that learning how to communicate effectively was one of the most important lessons I learnt in management school, which later helped me earn my colleagues and seniors trust in the company,” says Vikram Gupta, 42, who attended Wharton Business School for his MBA in 2001.Communication management isn’t simply about learning to speak, read and write. It is about learning to manage communication channels that play a vital role in businesses. The fundamental principles of communication management include research, consumer insights, marketing strategies, evaluating the media, analysing sales channels, advertising and data analytics.Communication MBAs aim to produce leaders who are strategically sound and functionally adept. The curriculum emphasizes both the left and right sides of a student’s brain, and constantly urges them to focus on multiple avenues such as understanding finance, human behaviour and the work environment.Students do study conventional MBA subjects like micro and macro economics, finance, supply chain management, accounting. To supplement this they are also taught modules on culture, audience research and strategic media planning, semiotics, Indian cinema and film appreciation, which include studying metaphors and narratives. How a communication degree differs from a ‘traditional MBA’ course would be in terms of the kind of emphasis put on the latter courses,” explains Prof. Nagesh Rao, director, Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad.The accelerated use of information technology and the frenetic proliferation of media has established new challenges for communication specialists to manage. In specific, the indispensability of new media technology has made communication important in a variety of other fields as well. “Career options for Communication MBA graduates cut across all industry verticals. These include FMCG, BFSI, Telecom, Automobiles, Consultancy, Media & Entertainment, Advertising Agencies, Research Companies, Technology, Sports Marketing and emerging sectors of New Media,” says Rao.advertisementlast_img

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