Further disruption as water off again in Falcarragh and Gortahork

first_imgThere are further water disruptions to the town of Falcarragh and Gortahork again this morning.Another burst water pipe in the ailing system means that businesses and householders will be without water until at least this afternoon.The entire water system locally is due to be upgraded by Irish Water in September. However, retailers and locals now face a summer of water disruptions because of the ageing pipe network.Earlier this month, Cllr Mac Giolla Easbuig, speaking to Donegal Daily, called for a clear plan to be laid out for the local council.“This approach – a little here and a little there – is no good. We know the extent of the amount of work that needs to be done. Irish Water should make the public in the Glenties Electoral Area aware of the next 10-year plan. We need to know what needs to be done, how much it’s going to cost and when it’s going to be done,” he said.Further disruption as water off again in Falcarragh and Gortahork was last modified: July 17th, 2019 by Shaun KeenanShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Darwinism Breeds Bigotry, Arrogance, and Hate

first_imgHow to start a mud volcano: say something that hints at some disagreement with Darwinian evolution.There’s a puzzling sociological phenomenon going on in the world today. These are supposed to be days of tolerance. If you dare to say something derogatory about any politically-correct protected class, you can be hounded out of your job and lose your reputation, even if you said it decades ago. Some internet giants and NGO’s monitor “hate speech” regularly. Without any warning they can scrub accounts they feel step over the line. Other organizations will post lists of ‘hate groups’ to shame them and deny them business. We are all taught to be “tolerant” and to engage in “civil” dialogue, with dire consequences for those who engage in defamatory rhetoric. We recall one unfortunate soul who used the word “niggardly” (a legitimate word meaning “stingy”) and lost his job, because somebody thought he used the “N-word.”There is one group that remains unprotected from the most blatant hate speech found anywhere. That group is Darwin doubters, or Darwin skeptics. It includes creationists and advocates of intelligent design (ID), but is broad enough to include anyone who is not 100% convinced that Darwinian evolution is absolute fact. Darwin skeptics are not necessarily theists or members of any creation group or advocates of intelligent design. If they voice any disagreement with pure materialistic evolution, here is the kind of treatment they can expect. (Note: these are some of the milder examples.)Creation-Evolution Headlines uses Twitter to announce new articles. Many times, people of good will who agree with our positions will “like” or “retweet” our posts. Sometimes, though, a report on something that challenges evolution brings out the pro-Darwin attack dogs in force. We try to respond to honest questions, but we demand civility, and enforce a three-strikes rule for ad hominems and profanity. Occasionally, that rule leads to a thoughtful exchange. Often, though, other atheists and pro-Darwinists get word of the conversation and jump in, interjecting filth and hate. When warned, they pour on more hate! A dogpile ensues, and trying to carry on a rational discussion is like trying to talk to a blowtorch.Many atheists and Darwin attack dogs are actually proud of their hate speech. When called on it or given “Strike one” for violating the rules, they treat this like a badge of honor. If their words were spoken against any protected class, they would be bounced off Twitter faster than you can say “No!” But they not only get away with it, they pass around their favorite profanities to all their friends, none of whom ever call them on it. They add us to their ‘lists’ like “Liars for Jesus” and “Creatards.” We cannot post the worst tweets due to their vulgarity, but here’s a taste:It’s very clear that many of the atheist/Darwinist tweeters do not even read the articles they complain about. Just hearing about something that lumps a person in with “them” (creationists), or seeing something that questions the Darwinian consensus is enough to set them off. They don’t see the irony in their words, because they commit many of the same faults they attack in their enemies:They will lie, and then call you a liar.They will display bigotry, but call you a bigoted creationist who refuses to look at evidence.They don’t understand their own theory, but will call you ignorant.They accuse you of trusting a holy book, but will rely on authority of the scientific consensus.They will make fallacious statements, but accuse you of logical fallacies.They will rush to judgment, then say you don’t use the scientific method.They will say you don’t have any scientific evidence, then ignore the evidence you give them.They demand specific answers, but speak in broad generalities.They will say you don’t understand science, but then use religious arguments.They will call you irrational, but then engage in mockery.They will threaten you, then call you a threat to society.What is it about Darwinism that does this to people? In a sense, you could say that they are acting in accordance with their beliefs. They need to prove survival of the fittest so they can spread their genes. Just like rams butting heads, they go after rivals with vengeance. That would make sense, because they truly believe they are evolved mammals who arose without purpose or mind. One of their best evolutionary strategies, therefore, is to attack and charge. Ironically, though, they don’t see themselves doing this on purpose. They have actually convinced themselves that they are defenders of truth and evidence, and so they feel righteously obligated to stop Darwin skeptics, envisioning them as threats to truth. But when evidence and logic is presented to them, they attack with even more vitriol. This makes sense if they are mere mammals, because Darwinian survival of the fittest is not concerned with truth. The chief value is fitness, which involves removing rivals by any and all means possible. The irony is lost on them.Many will attack the Bible specifically, calling it “tribal superstitions” or worse (so much for religious toleration). Their favorite attack, though, is to call Darwin skeptics “ignorant.” They do this to any Darwin skeptic, even to ones with multiple PhDs like Dembski, Wells and Meyer, categorically denying them a fair hearing just for the crime of doubting Darwin. Intelligent design scientists get the same filth-arrows as young-earth creationists, because they feel their idol, Charles Darwin, has been blasphemed (or might have been; it makes no difference).Social media platforms, with their anonymity, may have made these attitudes more visible and easier to spread, but it’s important to recognize that this attitude of hate and intolerance has gone on for a long time by Darwinians. The vicious attacks against Darwin doubters began soon after The Origin, when Darwin used his X-Club to promote his views (12 Sept 2004). Initially, they pleaded for fairness and freedom of inquiry. Once power was in their sights at the Scopes Trial, their hate really took off. The Discovery Institute writes,It’s one of the most powerful stereotypes out there:Supporters of Darwin’s theory are open-minded champions of free inquiry, while critics of Darwin are intolerant bigots who want to replace the teaching of evolution with religious dogma.Ever wonder where this awful stereotype came from?Look no further than an event that took place 93 years ago this Saturday. That’s when high school teacher John Scopes was convicted of teaching human evolution in Dayton, Tennessee.Indeed, some modern Twitter atheists seem to have taken lessons from Darwinians in that hot summer of 1925:Darrow to Bryan at the Scopes trial: “You insult every man of science and learning in the world because he does not believe in your fool religion.”[a newspaper reporter]: “he [William Jennings Bryan] is still engaged in battling earnestly for organized ignorance, superstition, and tyranny . . . He has illuminated vividly for the rest of us the essentially bigoted position of himself and his followers, and the degree of religious intolerance which they will undoubtedly enforce upon the country if they ever get the chance.”Dudley Field Malone at the Scopes Trial: “We do not fear all the truth they can present as facts. We are ready. We stand with progress. We stand with science. We stand with intelligence. We feel that we stand with the fundamental freedoms in America. We are not afraid. Where is fear? We defy it!” Turning and pointing a finger at William Jennings Bryan, he cried, “There is fear!” According to a report, “the crowd went out of control – cheering, stamping, pounding on desks – until it was necessary to adjourn for fifteen minutes to restore order.”Anti-creationist vituperation became a virtual art form for decades afterward. Some of it is so over-the-top, it would make good comedy, but the haters are really serious:Horatio Hockett Newman, 1932: “There is no rival hypothesis except the outworn and completely refuted idea of special creation, now retained only by the ignorant, the dogmatic, and the prejudiced.”“…to require teachers to give serious consideration to creationism is as unjustified as requiring them to teach other doctrines – such as astrology, alchemy and phrenology…” (Stephen G. Brush, The Science Teacher 4/1981, p. 33)Isaac Asimov, in a fund-raiser letter for the ACLU: “These religious zealots neither know nor understand the actual arguments for – or even against – the theory of evolution. But they are marching like an army of the night into our public schools with their Bibles held high.”Densely-packed loaded words from Michael Ruse (July 2002): “Why should science journals give space to intelligent design (ID) or any other crackpot pseudo-theory, manufactured to cover the nakedness of biblical literalism in scientific dress to get around the U.S. Constitution’s separation of church and state?”Some well-known atheistic Darwinians like Richard Dawkins have actually encouraged their followers to use mockery and ridicule (see article in World Magazine). In that particular “Reason Rally” in 2012, Dawkins targeted Catholics, but to him and many atheistic Darwinists, there’s little difference: being a non-atheist of any stripe is enough to make one a target of Darwinist hate. Christian, Jew, creationist, ID advocate, theistic evolutionist, Darwin skeptic, even a well-meaning reporter who doesn’t know any better and uses the wrong terminology – it makes little difference. Merely doubting Darwin earns what we might call “The Darwin Sneer.” At best, the target gets a look of disdain, and is treated differently from then on. At worst, the hateful rhetoric and mudslinging comes with a vengeance that nearly incites violence.No worries. He hasn’t replied to me & the FACT is he’s wrong so it doesn’t matter if he does reply or lies more. He can’t suddenly become “not wrong”. I was done in November of 2016 with these imbeciles. They hate women, POC and the LGBTQ community because of an imaginary deity. That’s basically the end of the discussion. Morons made up a god thousands of years ago in order to control other people who know it’s all bulls***. They’ve never been content minding their own business. They want smart people to be forced to live by their idiotic myth. And I’m done with that. I assume he’s American because half of them are dumber than dirt. They have a crappy education system and allow con artists to run around telling people that magic and superstition are true things. And then they use a COMPUTER to spread their nonsense.The Darwinist hatemongers also jump to the conclusion that anybody who doubts Darwin must also be anti-gay, anti-transgender, anti-abortion, racist, homophobic,  – in short, a person representing everything the Left despises. That’s because Darwinism is a key foundation to all that the Left believes. It’s a package deal. Few are the atheistic Darwinians who are politically conservative. Read their Twitter pages and you will see many of them trashing Ken Ham one moment and mocking Donald Trump the next.Dr Bergman has published 3 books of true stories of careers ruined by Darwin bigotsIn chapter 2 of Silencing the Darwin Skeptics (volume II of the Slaughter of the Dissidents series), Dr Jerry Bergman addresses “The Name-Calling Problem.” He points out that name-calling is the first stage in marginalizing a group before persecuting them. The Holocaust was preceded by years of hate speech against Jews, but there have been other cases.In fact, one of the tell-tale signs of discrimination in action is when any group is broadly described in all-inclusive terms, i.e., all are ignoramuses, religious nuts, pseudo-science advocates, etc. This is no different than claiming all African Americans are lazy, shiftless bums. Most Americans know this is inaccurate and will not tolerate such stereotyping when it is directed towards a protected class of citizens. Where no allowance for differences within any group exists, and when all members of a group are referred to disparagingly, discrimination is usually afoot.Bergman supplies many examples of the name-calling tactic used against Darwin skeptics in the media, in blogs, in periodicals, book reviews and academia. Having a PhD or being a renowned expert is no protection against the Darwin Sneer: doubt Darwin, and expect humiliating attacks. At the beginning of the chapter, Bergman conducted a non-scientific poll to see what would turn up in Google searches about Darwin skeptics. His list of 48 frequently-found terms included incompetent, ignoramus, stupid, liars, inept, IDiots, mentally retarded, creatard, dolts, dummies, simpletons, nitwits, silly, senseless, ludicrous and other terms of derision. He tabulated search results that included fear-mongering terms like dangerous, a threat, and bigots, Others committed the association fallacy, lumping Darwin skeptics with “Flat Earthers.” Needless to say, anybody so smeared loses respect or the right to be heard in the minds of many. So who are the real bigots?Good read on the damaging consequences of Darwinism on human behaviorWe can predict some atheists responding to this article, calling it the work of “crybabies” whimpering about not getting any respect, adding that nobody who “denies science” deserves any respect. Thus, they will demonstrate further that they not only have no shame or conscience, but have no substantive arguments to make in defense of Darwin. Victimhood has nothing to do with it. We don’t take it personally anyway, because the haters don’t even know the person they’re talking to; it’s their Pavlovian response to any and all Darwin doubters. They hear the dog whistle that a creationist is on the line. They come running over, and dogpile on with boilerplate hate.Why does Darwinism do this to people? Why can’t they do better than engage in hate speech? Why can’t they defend their idol with reason and logic? Their behavior reflects badly on them, not their targets. The irony of “survival of the fittest” is lost on them. Rightly do we point out that according to their own worldview, their behavior amounts to glorified head-butting. Rightly do we point out, too, that Darwinism breeds hate and violence. A doctrine that glorifies selfishness, with no foundation for morality— what would you expect? You get what you pay for: pride, selfishness and hate. Christians will envision Satan clapping his hands at his most successful scheme for deluding God’s creatures and turning them against their Maker, fooling them into thinking they have gained knowledge of good and evil. In my experience (and I have observed the creation-evolution debate for decades), the Darwinians are the worst at name-calling. There may be a few creationists who have engaged in it here or there, but for the most part, creationists are the ones calling for a fair-sided, civil discussion about evidence. Those creationists who are Christians are taught by the Bible to be gentle toward all and to love their enemies. None of the major creation groups or ID organizations I know endorse hate speech or name-calling. They may go after bad ideas strongly, but do not attack individuals. At CEH, we use cartoons and use the Darwin dictionary for rhetorical purposes to make a point. Darwin—now long dead—has long ago morphed into an icon for his ideas, so portraying him in a cartoon image makes a point about Darwinism rather than about his personal life. That’s very different from smearing a particular living creationist as a “creatard” or attacking all creationists as “liars” and “nincompoops.” We laugh at the latest just-so stories, but do not disparage the human worth of the storytellers. Jesus mocked behaviors, too: he called the Pharisees “blind guides” who “strain at a gnat and swallow a camel,” but he warned against calling someone “Thou fool.” Certainly none on the creation side should ever use profanity and vulgar expletives. If they do, they deserve to be admonished. We’ve seen atheists and Darwinians on Twitter, however, take great pleasure in trying to outdo one another applying obscene terms and four-letter words to creationists.Jesus also warned, “Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet and turn and tear you to pieces” (Matthew 7:6). In that picturesque analogy he did not call Mr. Pharisee X a pig. The analogy was generic; the audience knew what he meant; you can waste your time on some opponents, just like swine will have no appreciation for pearls when their intent is to attack you in the mud. Wisdom demands seeking out those willing to listen even a little bit, but recognizing the point when it does more harm than good. Our hope with Twitter debates is not to persuade the attackers, but to show followers watching quietly on the sidelines who has the best arguments, and who is acting civil. Atheists: if you are listening, we have some advice to help you. Stop making our point for us. You’re only hurting your case. Make our debate challenging by acting respectable, respectful, being good listeners, sticking with the topic at hand, and focusing on the evidence and logic. We would love to hear you explain—using Darwinian mechanisms alone—how logic evolved. Achieve that, and we may act dumbfounded! 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Mobile driving ‘huge growth’ in Africa

first_img13 November 2012 Sub-Saharan Africa is the fastest-growing mobile market in the world, and with transparent regulation and the necessary spectrum allocations, the mobile industry could fuel the growth of 14.9-million new jobs in the region between 2015 and 2020, according to a GSMA report. The GSMA, which represents mobile operators worldwide, on Tuesday released its “Sub-Saharan Africa Mobile Observatory” report, based on research from Deloitte and offering a comprehensive evaluation of the region’s mobile industry and its socio-economic impact.44 percent annual growth since 2000 According to the report, sub-Saharan Africa’s mobile market has enjoyed a prodigious average annual growth rate of 44 percent since 2000, which has seen mobile connections surging to 475-million, compared to just 12.3-million fixed line connections, representing the highest proportion of mobile versus fixed line connections in the world. “The region has some of the highest levels of mobile internet usage globally,” the GSMA said in a statement on Tuesday. “In Zimbabwe and Nigeria, mobile accounts for over half of all web traffic at 58.1 percent and 57.9 percent respectively, compared to a 10 percent global average. 3G penetration levels are forecast to grow by 46 percent through 2016 as the use of mobile-specific services develops.”Huge economic impact This growth has delivered huge economic benefits, the report states, directly contributing US$32-billion, or 4.4 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), to the sub-Saharan African economy. Approximately 3.5-million full-time jobs are attributed to the region’s mobile industry, which has also spurred a wave of technology and content innovation, according to the report. “More than 50 ‘innovation hubs’, which develop local skills and content in the field of ICT services, have been created, including the Hive Colab in Uganda, the iHub in Kenya, and Limbe Labs in Cameroon.” There are more than 80 mobile money operations for the “unbanked” across Africa, compared to 36 in Asia, the second most popular region for these services, the report notes, adding: “Safaricom’s M-PESA mobile money transfer service in Kenya has achieved greater scale than any other service in the world.”‘Governments must enable the industry’ “Mobile has already revolutionised African society ,and yet demand still continues to grow by almost 50 percent a year,” Tom Phillips, the GSMA’s chief government and regulatory affairs officer, said in the statement. “To create an environment that supports and encourages this immense growth, it is imperative that governments work in partnership with mobile operators to enable the industry to thrive throughout the region, ultimately providing affordable options to connect its citizens.” Despite investments of US$16.5-billion over the past five years aimed mainly at expanding network capacity, sub-Saharan Africa faces a looming “capacity and coverage crunch” in terms of available mobile spectrum, the GSMA warns.Spectrum ‘crunch’ threatens growth The current amount of spectrum allocated to mobile services in sub-Saharan Africa is amongst the lowest worldwide, with some countries allocating as little as 80MHz, compared to developed markets where allocation for mobile exceeds 500MHz. “With mobile internet traffic forecast to grow 25-fold over the next four years, there will be a considerable increase in network congestion unless governments across the region take urgent steps to release new spectrum, in line with the recommendations of the ITU’s World Radiocommunication Conference,” the GSMA said. “This includes capacity in the ‘digital dividend’ (700-800 MHz) band and the 2.6 GHz band, and also liberalising existing licence agreements to allow the deployment of high-speed UMTS and LTE networks in the 900 and 1800MHz bands.” The effect of such a spectrum release would be dramatic, the GSMA predicts, contributing to the creation of 14.9-million new jobs between 2015 and 2020 and adding up to $40-billion, or 0.54 percent, to the region’s GDP by 2016. “In many sub-Saharan African countries, mobile broadband is the only possible route to deliver the internet to consumers,” said Deloitte telecommunications partner Chris Williams. “However, to maximise the potential gains, governments need to continue to support the development of mobile broadband, notably through the provision of appropriate spectrum. The current spectrum allocations across the region lag behind those of developed countries and, unless increased, seem likely to raise costs of provision, challenge investment decisions and increase network congestion.”High taxation, over-regulation High levels of government taxation and new regulation also threaten to limit the growth of mobile services across the region, according to the report. Africa has the highest taxation, as a proportion of the cost of mobile ownership, among developing regions worldwide, with taxes on handset and mobile devices much higher than elsewhere. “There is also a worrying trend of new taxes being introduced on essential mobile services,” the GSMA said. “For instance, the Kenyan government recently announced a new 10 percent tax on money transfer services, threatening the economic viability of the service in the future.” The report also identifies approvals for tower and fibre deployment as the single biggest obstacle to investment by the mobile community in sub-Saharan Africa. New tower and fibre deployment is urgently needed to cope with the region’s traffic growth, the report argues, and could be aided by simplifying national and local regulations and approval processes, especially with regards to rights of way. “Tackling stifling regulation, addressing high taxation and implementing a harmonised approach to future spectrum allocation will further boost the success story of mobile across the continent,” Phillips said. “There is not only the potential to lift millions out of poverty, but also the opportunity to ensure that Africa benefits from global economies of scale in terms of both network technology and mobile devices.” SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

Farm Science Review’s Hall of Fame winner chosen

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest A long-time journalist, communicator, and promoter of the annual Farm Science Review, Suzanne Steel, has been inducted into the 30th class of honorees in the FSR Hall of Fame, where 78 others are honored for their contribution to the event.For 23 years, Steel worked in the marketing and communications department of the event’s main sponsor, the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) at The Ohio State University. During that time, Steel promoted FSR through contacts with national, state, and local media.FSR will take place this year from Sept. 17–19 at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center, 135 State Route 38 NE, in London, Ohio. The show offers visitors an opportunity to view the latest in technology and gain insights from CFAES experts about making their operations more profitable.“Marketing is extremely important to a large public event such as FSR, which Suzanne has championed over the years,” said Nick Zachrich, FSR manager.Steel was inducted into the FSR Hall of Fame on Aug. 13.Her connection with FSR started in 1991 when she first reported on the event for The Columbus Dispatch as a business reporter. She continued reporting on FSR through 1995, when she joined the CFAES communications staff.“Steel and her staff wrote news releases, sent media invitations, and worked with reporters to ensure coverage of the Review and help draw visitors,” Zachrich said.National, state, and local media responded over the years, including state and national farm publications, weekly and daily newspapers, regional radio stations, and national agricultural and local television channels. Steel’s team also worked on marketing campaigns for FSR to attract visitors through advertisements, posters, and social media.“Current and former Farm Science Review management appreciate Suzanne’s contributions to promote FSR and highlight it in the media as a signature event of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences,” Zachrich said.Steel considered FSR an opportunity to shine the light on the many research and outreach successes within the college.“Year after year, I really enjoyed getting to spend time with reporters and helping them connect with some of the college’s experts,” Steel said. “FSR also gave me the opportunity to learn more about the work of our faculty.”Now assistant director of Ohio State University Extension Publishing, Steel will, for the first time, be an exhibitor at FSR, showcasing OSU Extension Publishing in the Firebaugh Building on the grounds of FSR. OSU Extension is the outreach arm of CFAES.A graduate of CFAES with a Bachelor of Science in agricultural economics, Steel received an Oscar in Agriculture writing award, along with awards from the National Association of Agricultural Journalists, the Associated Press, the Society of Professional Journalists, and the Association for Communication Excellence where she served as president from 2017 to 2018.For tickets or more information about FSR, visit fsr.osu.edu.last_img read more

Video Tutorial: Paint Drips in After Effects

first_imgWant to create a graffiti or wet paint look in your video projects? Using the Trapcode Particular plugin you can create this effect in After Effects.  The following video tutorial shows you how.Red Giant Software’s Trapcode Particular is a powerful visual effects toolset that can be used to create complex lighting and particle motion design, but it can also be utilized for more simple visual effects.  The following video tutorial by Red Giant’s own Harry Frank shows how he uses particular to mimic the look of wet paint in After Effects, a cool effect for giving your video projects a graffiti look.Follow the video tutorial through the steps of creating your own custom graffiti effect in AE or head over to the Red Giant site to grab the free project file.Creating realisitic paint drips in After Effects takes a bit of skill and more steps than you might imagine, so this isn’t a tutorial for the AE beginner.  Some AE experience is suggested.Note: Trapcode Particular is a third party After Effects plugin and can be purchased on the Red Giant site.last_img read more

Blake Griffin pours 37 as Pistons defeat Anthony David-less Pelicans

first_imgDetroit Pistons forward Blake Griffin (23) passes the ball to center Zaza Pachulia (27) as New Orleans Pelicans center Jahlil Okafor (8) defends during the second half of an NBA basketball game in New Orleans, Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2019. The Pistons won 98-94. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)NEW ORLEANS— Blake Griffin got Detroit off to a hot start, but the Pistons still had to scratch out a victory in the final seconds over the Anthony Davis-less Pelicans.It didn’t sit well with the All-Star forward.ADVERTISEMENT Pistons: Will end a three-game trip at Dallas on Thursday night.Pelicans: Visit Oklahoma City on Thursday night. The Pelicans have 10 games left in a monthlong stretch in which they have a flight between each of 16 games.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next MOST READ Detroit went 7 of 23 from the field in the fourth quarter, scoring just 19 points in the frame.“You want to finish perfect, and I’m striving for perfection and good habits,” Casey said.Playing without Davis, the Pelicans shot just nine free throws and made only four.“We just struggled the whole night,” New Orleans coach Alvin Gentry said. “At the end, we make a push back. You’ve got to be able to make the game-winning plays, as we call them. We didn’t do that. We have failed to find consistency throughout what we’re trying to do. That’s a lot on me. As a coach, you’ve got to figure out a way to have your team play consistently and you’ve got to find out who is willing to do that. We’re kind of still searching for that.”Griffin scored 20 of Detroit’s 31 points in the first quarter and had 26 by halftime on 9-of-14 shooting, with the Pistons leading 57-47.“We just kept feeding him,” said Jon Leuer, who had 11 points and six rebounds. “When he’s in a rhythm like that, he’s unstoppable.”TIP-INSPistons: Casey said C Andre Drummond, who sustained a concussion in a Jan. 18 win over Miami, felt “spry and full of energy” in shootaround, but he still missed his third consecutive game.Pelicans: Davis missed his second straight game with a fracture of his left index finger. He may miss another one to two weeks.UP NEXT ‘We are too hospitable,’ says Sotto amid SEA Games woes Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. US judge bars Trump’s health insurance rule for immigrants “The way we finished the game was the reason we’ve lost so many close games,” said Griffin, referring to Detroit’s 95-87 lead with 1:32 left that nearly evaporated down the stretch. “This time we just happened to come out on top. We got a lucky miss, a lucky bounce and we were able to get a wide-open dunk, but this doesn’t feel like that good of a win. Obviously, we’ll take it, but stuff like this is why we’ve lost so many games.”Griffin scored 20 of his game-high 37 points in the fourth quarter of Detroit’s 98-94 win over New Orleans, which was playing its second straight game without Davis.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSUrgent reply from Philippine ‍football chiefSPORTSWin or don’t eat: the Philippines’ poverty-driven, world-beating pool starsReggie Jackson added 17 points for the Pistons, who had lost seven of their previous 10.Jrue Holiday scored 29 points and Jahlil Okafor added 17 for the Pelicans, who have lost four of six. Terry Rozier’s perfect start en route to 26 points carry Celtics past Cavs Lacson backs proposal to elect president and vice president in tandem LATEST STORIES View comments Grace Poe files bill to protect govt teachers from malicious accusations PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games PLAY LIST 02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss New Orleans cut the deficit to 95-92 on a drive by Holiday and a 3-poitner by Darius Miller with 52.5 seconds left.The Pistons then had a sluggish possession, finally getting the ball in Griffin’s hands for a forced 3-point attempt. When he missed, the Pelicans had a chance to tie, but Frank Jackson’s open 3-pointer missed, and Holiday tapped the rebound out to the top of the key.Reggie Bullock ran down the loose ball and dribbled 60 feet unguarded for a clinching dunk with 14.5 seconds left.Griffin finished 14 of 28 from the field, including 4 of 9 on 3-pointers, and had nine rebounds and seven assists.“He’s carrying us, handling the basketball, making good decisions, just doing everything we could ask a franchise player to do,” coach Dwane Casey said. “He’s been great. He sets the tone for us offensively. He’d probably have more assists if we knocked down more shots.”ADVERTISEMENT Oil plant explodes in Pampanga town Oil plant explodes in Pampanga town SEA Games hosting troubles anger Duterte Private companies step in to help SEA Games hostinglast_img read more

The Warriors Didnt Need Kevin Durant To Be This Good

The narrative going into the 2016-17 Warriors season was how unfair it was that one of the best teams of all time added one of the best players of all time to become unstoppable. And after the Warriors posted the best winning percentage in NBA postseason history and their star acquisition won the NBA Finals MVP, the narrative coming out of the season is much the same, only louder. But easy to lose in this narrative is the simple fact that the Warriors probably didn’t need Kevin Durant for the team to be this good — or at least almost this good. While adding Durant has been a success, it didn’t end up breaking basketball any more than the Warriors had broken it already.Counting the regular season and playoffs, the Warriors won 84 percent of their games this year — up from 83 percent last year and 81 percent the year before. Teams have only won 80+ percent of their combined season games 11 times in the 70-year history of the NBA.1The Bucks (1970-71 season) and Celtics (1985-86) have done it once each; the 76ers (1966-67, 1982-83), Lakers (1971-72, 1986-87), and Bulls (1995-96,1996-97) have done it twice each. The Warriors have now done it three years in a row.2The Warriors won 18 of the 22 games — 82 percent — that Durant didn’t play in this season.But the Warriors’ mission isn’t just to win titles, it’s to guarantee them. And Durant is both icing and insurance policy — a guarantee that the Warriors will always have an MVP-caliber, one-man offense available. Though he makes them a little bit better in his own right, his main value comes from making what happened to them in the 2016 playoffs less likely.So what does make them so good? And, more broadly, is greatness a matter of refining all aspects of a discipline, or does it stem from being freakishly good at one thing? The Warriors are the first dynasty in the ball-tracking era,3Tracking cameras have been installed in every NBA stadium since the 2013-14 season. which gives us an opportunity to measure their greatness in ways that we couldn’t for dynasties past.This, in turn, may also help answer the question of just how likely the Warriors are to regress to the mean. If their greatness is a confluence of factors, then there’s a whole lot of things that could go wrong to bring them back to earth. On the other hand, if their greatness is more about one thing, then maybe they can keep crushing the game indefinitely.The most dominant three-year dynasty everThe Warriors are an offensive juggernaut — but they’re more than that as well. We can see how much they’re contributing to their margins elsewhere by comparing their offensive rating (points scored per 100 possessions) to their SRS (margin of victory adjusted for strength of schedule), like so: This uses the SportsVu optical tracking data to judge offensive and defensive shooting versus league averages — it’s pretty similar to offensive and defensive ratings, but with rebounding and fouls taken out so we can concentrate on just shots taken and defended. Over their three-year run, the Warriors have been the best on both ends of the floor when it comes to both making and defending shots. Even so, their offensive prowess is particularly absurd.Another thing we can do to compare their offense and defense is to break them down two-dimensionally: by the quality of the shots taken or allowed (based on each shot’s modeled expectation), and then by how good a team was at scoring or preventing each shot, given that expectation. This relies heavily on my shot-value model, which accounts for shot type, shot location, shot clock, dribbles, time held, home court, defender position, defender distance, defender height and more.4The “more” is that I include one of STATS/SportsVu’s proprietary “shot difficulty” metrics as a variable in my model, though it isn’t weighted very heavily. The Warriors are respectable at shooting inside the arc, but have been more than twice as good as the next-best team at shooting 3s in this period. They’re so good at it that there’s an argument that they should be doing it even more often, and that Curry — still the best shooter the game has ever seen — should be doing it way more often.You can throw more defense at them, and teams have done so — as you see in the breakdown chart above, they’re pretty close to average in 3-point shot quality already. But the Warriors are still better at shooting 3s than any other team is at anything — 3s, 2s or defense. And diverting more and more resources toward keeping them from scoring 130+ points per game (as they would if they got off a typical Warriors dynasty-era 3 on every possession), comes at a price. Opponents are working so hard to stop the 3 that they’re almost certainly losing something from their offense or 2-point defense, which likely helps explain why the Warriors get so many open looks inside the arc.Part of being good at lots of things is being really good at a couple of things. Curry’s ridiculous shooting opens up the Warriors’ offense. Not only are his shots incredibly efficient, but he also draws so much of his opponents’ attention that he makes his teammates look amazing — and makes his team immensely better. Looking at NBAWowy, which tracks how teams perform with a given player on the court versus on the bench, the Warriors outscored their opponents by 3.1 points per 100 possessions when Durant was playing and Curry was not; that number jumped to 16.1 points per 100 possessions with Curry on the court and Durant on the sidelines.5And 19.5 points per 100 possessions when they were both playing.While Durant may be the story of the season, the Warriors’ dynasty was built and is still being propped up by Curry’s ability to throw the ball into the hoop from great distances. Provided he keeps being able to do that, expect Golden State to keep the game broken. This shows that the Warriors appear to have a lot of players who are better at defense than they should be. Perhaps being free to focus on defense more than rebounding and offense helps. Perhaps they play bigger than their size in part because they’re typically in better position than you would expect from players on a more conventional offense whose goal is literally to get behind the other team. Perhaps opponents have to play offense with an extra eye on defense, or with more defenders than they would usually play.Also, having people like Stephen Curry and Durant as the offensive centerpieces may allow you to surround them with players who are more defense-oriented. Much like Rodman, someone like Draymond Green’s value may be fully realized precisely because he isn’t required to carry his offense. For a power forward, his responsibilities don’t include that much penetrating and collapsing the Warriors opponents’ defenses. Thus, despite being somewhat undersized for his position, Green has thrived — and indeed, may be one of the most valuable players in the league — in his current role.And Curry’s shooting makes the offenseWhile the link between Golden State’s offense and defense is speculative, the relationship between their 3-point shooting and their other shooting is easier to track.Golden State’s relentless barrage of 3s tends to make people forget that the Warriors are also good at 2-point shooting. The difference is that much more of their value on 2s comes from getting good shots, while more of their value on 3s comes from making the shots they get. Typically there is a relationship between how good a team is compared to expectation for both 3- and 2-point shooting, which is unsurprising since we’d expect good shooters to be good shooters, no matter where they’re shooting from. But the Warriors are not only unusually good at 3-point shooting, they’re also better at 3-point shooting than other shooting by an unusual margin. Comparing the two directly, we can see where the Warriors really butter their bread: While they’ve scored about 7 more points per 100 possessions than league average, they’ve also been 10.6 points better than their opponents overall — so about a third of their edge seems to come from something other than offensive efficiency.But it isn’t rare for teams with stronger-than-average offenses to also have stronger-than-average defenses. This is a bit counterintuitive — it seems like a great offensive team would be more likely to be weak on defense, since those are two very different skillsets and trade-offs must be made. And teams do, in fact, have to choose between more offense or more defense, so it’s significant that the relationship isn’t negative at all.The offense can make the defenseTo understand the sometimes complicated relationship between offense and defense, take the case of Dennis Rodman. Despite being known as a great defensive player, Rodman’s teams defended just about as well with or without him. And despite him being unable (or unwilling) to score himself, his teams were significantly more efficient on offense when he was on the court (even after accounting for his offensive rebounding). I suspect this is because having Rodman in the game allowed his teams to devote fewer resources to defending and rebounding, diverting those energies to offense instead. Similarly, having a highly efficient outside offense may allow a team to divert resources to the other end of the floor — not to mention that having your offensive players hang out more in the space between their opponents and their opponent’s basket can make their defensive job easier.So let’s compare the Warriors’ offense and defense a bit more directly: read more

18 Year old arrested for fire attack on Police Station

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 25 Jun 2015 – It was a private vehicle that the 18 year old man reportedly set ablaze around 12:10am on June 24th; it was parked at the Five Cays Police station. In a late day press release, the Royal Turks & Caicos Islands Police Force (RTCIPF) confirmed that officers are investigating the circumstances and that the fiery scene was discovered when “officers on duty at the station at the time smelt smoke and went to investigate.”A grey Ford Taurus was set on fire, fire fighters extinguished the blaze and police say the vehicle was extensively damaged. An 18 year old male suspect was arrested.Magnetic Media was told a man set the car on fire after shouting to police that he was avenging the death of 19 year old Jeff Walkin, killed on June 6 on Granny Hill in Five Cays in an alleged gunfire exchange with police. Police read for kindergarten children as part of school program Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:18 year old, arrested, Fire, granny hill shooting, grey ford taurus, jeff walkin, Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force Breaking: Fire at Providenciales’ Dump Long Island fire extinguished Recommended for youlast_img read more

Hon Sean Astwood says more prominence is needed for countrys coat of

first_img Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, June 6, 2016 – The PDM deputy leader is bullish on the bill to bring greater prominence to the country’s coat of arms and flag.  He agrees with the bill to raise their profile as symbols of national pride.  Hon Sean Astwood, as the member for Five Cays in the House of Assembly today said if there was anything to be changed it would be that the country’s flag would definitely be required to be flown at all government buildings and all schools, public or private and not that it ‘may’ as the current bill suggests.Hon Astwood called for training and retraining in use of the flag and coat of arms with special emphasis on children understanding the importance of the country’s flag.  The member said while the bill itself is insightful, the government administration is not as he slammed the PNP for what he called a lack of funding for the entity which would have to police how the flag and coat of arms are used.  He called for dignity and respect during the singing of the National Symbol, the country’s National Song – citing that there is too much movement, people chewing gum and the like during the singing or playing of the song written by the Late Rev Dr Conrad Howell.  Hon Astwood said he would move to see some of the wording in the proposed policy changed.last_img read more

Over 2 Billion in tourism earnings to date

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp ALERT # 2 ON POTENTIAL TROPICAL CYCLONE NINE ISSUED BY THE BAHAMAS DEPARTMENT OF METEOROLOGY THURSDAY 12TH SEPTEMBER, 2019 AT 9 PM EDT Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppMontego Bay, Jamaica, December 16, 2016 – Tourism Minister, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, says Jamaica has recorded more than US$2 billion in earnings from tourism, so far, this year.Addressing a breakfast event to launch the 2016/17 winter tourist season at Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay on Wednesday (December 14), Minister Bartlett said the money was earned from the spending of more than 3 million visitors to the island.  “Last year, 3.7 million of them came here and spent US$2.56 billion.  We expect by the end of this year to be closing in on four million visitors and we expect to surpass the earnings (from last year) by a significant percentage. Right now, we’re running at 5.9 per cent and we could very well get to six per cent on the earnings of last year,” he said.Meanwhile, Minister Bartlett announced that the Tourism Service Excellence Programme (TSEP), which recognises and rewards outstanding workers in the sector, will return next year.  The awards ceremony, held in association with the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo), will be staged on March 4 at the Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall in Montego Bay.Minister Bartlett said TSEP, which has been revamped, forms part of a strategic marketing effort to highlight Jamaica’s outstanding service standards.  He noted that the prominent position that Jamaica holds in the international marketplace, and the numerous awards that the country has won, are due to the hard work and dedication of the tourism workers.  “We want to ensure that our high service standard never falls, but, instead, want to see it improve. This is why we are focusing on recognizing and rewarding our top service providers,” he noted. TSEP was first staged in 2008. The Luxury of Grace Bay in Down Town Provo #MagneticMediaNewscenter_img Electricity Cost of Service Study among the big agenda items at September 11 Cabinet meeting Related Items:#magneticmedianews Recommended for youlast_img read more